How to localize Flutter Projects

You can localize your Flutter Projects into other languages easily using the Auto Localize app, thereby rapidly increasing the audience for your Flutter applications.

1 - Prepare Your Flutter Project for Localization

In projects developed with Flutter, localization is typically done through App Resource Bundle (.arb) files. You can find the details of the adjustments you need to make in your project for localization at the link below.


2 - Create Auto Localize project.

The magic begins from this point onwards. You can now easily localize your Flutter project using Auto Localize.

Open the Auto Localize app and create a new project. Give your project a suitable name. Set the default language value to the language your project is developed.


3 - Add Flutter Project folder to the Auto Localize project

Add your Flutter project folder using the "Add Folder" menu.

... ...

4 - Set Texts Not to Be Localized

During localization, there may be text such as application names or brand names that you do not want to be translated. Enter such text in the 'Text Not to Be Localized' tab. The text you enter here will not be translated into other languages.


5 - Localize project files using the automatic localization

Open the automatic localization screen by clicking on the "Localize" button on the toolbar. All you have to do on this screen is to start the translation process by pressing the "Start" button. The application will localize all localizable files under your project folder using Open AI's most advanced GPT models.

... ... ... ...

6 - Congratulations

Your project is successfully localized. You can view all translations for target languages within the project.