Easy localization for your projects!

A macOS application that assists you in localizing application projects, App Store information, XCLOC, and XLIFF files. Additionally, you can design and export localizable screenshots and images. It is powered by OpenAI's most advanced GPT models.


Powered by AI

(GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPT-4o)

Localize your projects and files in the fastest way possible with the automatic processing feature. Harness the power of OpenAI's highly proficient GPT models for translations. Rapidly make your applications support multiple languages and expand your target audience. Minimize the effort you spend on keeping your versions updated in different languages.


A highly skilled localization editor

With its modern interface, you can easily edit XLIFF files, a world standard in localization. It supports the most widely used XLIFF 1.2 and 2.0 versions. You can localize multiple files at the same time with a single interface. You can localize either manually or using GPT models automatically. This way, you can localize the contents of many applications providing files in XLIFF format (such as Rise Articulate) into multiple languages in a very short time.


Localize Your Projects

You can easily localize your projects written in programming tools such as Xcode, .NET, Java, Android Studio, Unity, or Flutter. Not only does it support XCLOC files, a localization format for Xcode, but it also supports other localization file formats specific to development tools such as RESX, ARB, STRINGS, PROPERTIES, XML or JSON. This way, you can quickly localize your project files into multiple languages. It automates the normally laborious localization process, making it one of the easiest workflows.


Design and Export Localizable Screenshots and Images

Auto Localize offers a world-first feature of creating localizable images. With this feature, you can create screenshots in one language for your application and export localized versions in dozens of languages.

Preparing screenshots for each language and each device for app stores is quite a hassle. Auto Localize simplifies this cumbersome task and saves you time. Also, the screenshot resolutions that the App Store and Google Play will require from you are predefined as templates. You don't need to do additional research to learn this information.

When you create and export the screenshots, it groups the images in separate folders for each language. This way, you can upload the images in the relevant language to the app stores in bulk.


Localize App Store Information

App stores like the App Store and Google Play require localized versions of information such as the description, keywords, and new features in different languages for the store interface of the application. Entering all of these for an application and keeping them updated in new versions can be very time-consuming.

Auto Localize allows you to localize this information to make this cumbersome task easier. You can then effortlessly copy and paste this localized information from the application to the store interface.